Goals for this blog


My goals for this blog are to share and get ideas for the projects I’m working on.

My immediate goals are to setup the Sourceforge link so that it has all the information needed to build the controller and car.  I have PCB files, part’s lists, wiring diagrams, and schematics to upload.

Once I am finished with that, I will start my real goal, which is to start developing and building an autonomous submarine.  I have no experience with this, so I will have to learn alot.  If you are interested in working on this with me, let me know so that we can start planning together.   For the submarine, the architecture will be on a ATmega1280, with possibly a few small ATmega168.



I’m excited to start sharing my thoughts, ideas, plans, and creations with everyone!   To make sure that this occurs in the best possible way, I’m evaluating all of the blog/website solutions available and once the best solution is found, I will use that as my main ‘blog.’

The picture above is from a controller I built to be a ‘universal’ controller.  I’ve built it so that all of my future robotic creations that I make will be able to talk to it.  It uses an MC9S12C32 processor and uses an XBee to communicate to a RC car that I built to accompany it.  Of course once I had a taste of the Arduino and its openness, I immediately fell in love.  So if I could redo it today, I would do it totally different.