LScreamer – Linux Wireless Firmware Downloader

Hello Sparkfun people!

Well I really liked the Screamer V2.0 from but the program was written in Visual Basic 6.  Since I’m a linux guy, I was running it thru virtual box and I needed to add support for the ATMEGA1280, so I had to choose between learning VB6 or something better.  I chose to write it in Python for linux, so I wouldn’t have to run the Windows XP image through VirtualBox.

LScreamer lets you scan the serial ports currently used by your system, and gives some good examples of how to use it.  I used the pocket programmer to download the bootloader via the ISP header, and I’ve made LScreamer to be fully compliant with Screamer V2.0.  It’s a command line utility, but it is very user friendly if your new to Linux or the command line.

I made it pretty easy to add new processors to it, and if you do, it would be great if you passed it onto me so I can update LScreamer.