LCD working on a ATMEGA168!

… But don’t I already have an LCD controller, you ask?  Why yes I do.  That was using an MC9S12C32 processor, a totally different kind of chip than an Atmel.

While I may be able to write my own, there are plenty of libraries out there that mostly work.  I picked this one since it’s the first one that worked for me.  Well, the Arduino environment worked right off the bat, but I’m not interested in running arduino yet. The have a nice tutorial that teaches you how to bit-bang the LCD.  I might redo this when I get the 75HC595’s in the mail later this week.

Ultimate goal of getting the LCD working on the Atmel platform: Remote 2.0!  My idea is to make a remote that can display the statistics of my car, when I am close enough to it.  Statistics like engine temp (in multiple regions), engine coolant level (I have a leak), and other things.  Hopefully I can capture the OBDI and integrate it with my logging, and displaying 😛   Imagine driving down the freeway with a little wireless display that shows all of those statistics…


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