Display… that was just $5

This is a display that I picked up at a local electronics shop for $5, sold AS-IS.  I intend to use this as the display for Remote 2.0.

Here’s a feature list of remote 2.0:
2 analog joysticks
Energy Efficient
Xbee and RFM12B wireless
SD card for logging / transfering logs from remote sensors when close
Maybe 3.3V operation

I should be getting this LCD wired up to my test board to verify that it works.  I will also start planning the boards that I’ll make for my ultimate enclosures.
Boards include:
Processor + XBee board/RFM12B
Servo control connections with voltage regulators

That’s all I need right now with regard to boards.  Build for what you need, not for doomsday, as they say 😛  I’m sure I’ll expand that list.


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