Moving main code to Arduino…

I’ve been thinking about this for about a week or two.  My typical dev cycle for something complicated, like writing to a SD card, is to try to find a working library out there.  I have found many good working libraries out there for various things, but after spending a few hours this morning trying to get my previously working SD code, working again (changed hardware), I decided to see if I could get it working using Arduino Environment code.  I got it working with the SDFat library, and by looking closely at Ladyada’s logger shield Schematic.

I then tried to port my software servo library, the one I was boasting about a few days ago.  Well I tried out the Servo lib in Arduino, and it works too.  You can specify the pin, and the uS that you want to be there. Pretty awesome.  So today I have a Fat32 reader/writer, and a servo library that let’s me make any pin into a PWM output easily.

If I’m going to be in the Arduino environment, I might think about how to connect different modules.  You could go with the Arduino Shield system, although it can get pretty pricy.  I’m leaning more towards the JeeNode way of organizing pins (There is a RBBB board from in the second picture, pretty small).

I’m going to be making an XBee shield (since I have many XBee’s) and will be putting the reset circuitry that I use on it (since I have space).

I think with Arduino, the code I write will be much more portable, and the code I find online will be much more usable.  Progress!


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