Cheap prototype perfboards came in

These 50×70 cm protoboards seem to fit perfectly in the $0.24 case. My idea is to mount them to the cover, but they can almost fit anyhow you want them.

Let’s say you have 2 boards for a particular project.  Total cost of box + boards will be $1.50, add a MCU (ATMEGA328) and it’s ~$5.50.  Lets add regulation and bring it to a total of $7 (estimate),  That gets you 2 boards + processor + voltage regulation + well built case to hold it all.  You can make 4 of these for the price of 1 Arduino Uno.  While it may not be as pretty, it is very cheap and let’s you explore new and strange ideas, because all you’d be risking is $7, not a $30 board + $15 breakout board.

First board I’ll make will be a XBee adapter, to bring XBee to any breadboard in need.  I’ll also put a ISP programming pins on there, since my current ISP programming setup is kinda strange.


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