Future Ideas

While these prototype boards may be the solution to soldering 0.1″ spaced things together, there are many things I’d like to breakout to that spacing.    Such as an XBee breakout (with reset circuitry), bluetooth, RFM12B, ethernet port, and maybe a 74HC595 if it is cost effective.

I’m thinking of using ethernet cables to make remote connections to my boards, for things like GPS or XBee that may be benefited by moving higher up.  I checked out the bottom of the optimal case, and ethernet jacks will fit in each of 4 port.  So I may make the bottom layer for these boxes to be some kind of “connection layer”.  So things like servos, power connections, or ethernet cables can easily connect.

I can easily take one of these cases and make it a ‘wireless; box, by putting the gps and xbee in it, then connect it to the main unit.  Pretty fancy.


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