Working on LCD Valentine’s Day Project

I’ve been pretty busy for the past 2 days, working on getting this project done and functional, before Feb 14 comes around.  I’m not a big  Valentines Day celebrator, and I usually don’t like to give cards, but this year I’ll be making one from scratch 🙂 … with ATMEGA328, bunches of buttons and LEDs, and a nice LCD display.

Sure, it sounds like everyone has done an LCD display project, and I admit, I have as well.  What makes this different is that I’m using the power of Arduino, with it’s available libraries (like the LCD display library).  Well what makes it really different is that I’m making it 🙂

This custom menu will be the ‘OS’ for the Arduino.  It will let you launch ‘apps’, reconfigure the main menu layout, set and change your password, and much more.  I’ll include secret codes that can be entered to reveal new menu’s previously unavailable.  With an ATMEGA328, I’ll be able to have plenty of cards for every holiday managed on it.

I’ll be connecting 18 buttons to it through the parallel method of connecting buttons to the ADC pins, and hopefully, I’ll get the 16 LEDS and LCD running off of 3 pins using 74HC595 shift registers.  I’ll also program some apps such as pac man, or dodge the missle (possible by using custom characters).


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