VDay Part 2?

Currently working on getting the multi button into 1 analog pin working, it’s reading the pin fine, there is just something wrong somewhere.  When that starts working, i’ll be able to test the menu system more.

Originally I was thinking of having 2 buttons on the side of the LCD, but by looking at the PCB that the LCD will be on, there isn’t space.  So I will have a directional pad on the left, with a Nintendo-isk B A on the right (need to change buttons in the pic).  It will have a keypad at the bottom, to enter passwords, special codes, or to navigate the menu.

Today I thought that it may be pretty easy to add a tone generator using a Piezo speaker.  So I hooked it up, and fired up the respective sketch, and it worked nicely 🙂  I just need to see how to incorporate this into the design of the card.  Maybe a feint background music while in menu…  Will be making an app for it so that you can make your own music, and save it to eeprom 🙂  Then go in and play them whenever you want, and view the actual notes.  Lot’s of work with only 12 days left (11 now 0.0)

Back to work!  (Oh I ordered a wiimote, nunchuck, battery holders, and other goodies from dx.com 😀  And I don’t have a Wii ;))


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