Valentines Day Arduino Card Part 3

Menu system is working!  Card system is working too!  I can easily go into cards, and return to the menu system and continue where I left off 🙂  The card I have in there now works nicely 🙂

An interesting note is that I’m able to run this electronic card on 3.044V.  It starts to get sluggish, so it’s kind of obvious that the batteries need to be changed, but other than that it works.  Considering that I’ll be using a 3 AA battery pack to power this, I’ll be starting at 4.5V.  Without the Xbee (that I use to program it), the card draws 6 mA average while idling, up to 10 mA peak.  I hope to sleep the processor more to bring that down some.

But even with its current state, the batteries in this card should last awhile, since it will be off most of the time.  Batteries would be easy to change too, so that won’t be a problem.  The only question that remains is how much current will the 16 LED’s draw, especially considering that a shift register will be controlling them directly (so will be harder to do PWM on them).

I’ll be wiring up the actual card tomorrow, so I’ll finalize the button layout, and which buttons go to which ADC ports (I’ll be using A0-2).  I think I’ll put a small board for the processor and shift registers below the LCD.  I also need to start working on the label for the numberpad.  But many more apps needed (LED’s, password, game1, game2, sound (thinking of having different melodies for different cards 😛 ))

I have some thoughts on Windows vs Linux (currently I use linux for home electronics and programming) that I’ll post sometime soon.  Not strictly electronics related, but since a computer is the tool you use to program, I feel it is important.


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