Valentines Day Part 4

Not too big of an update today.  I got submenu’s working, and I’ll be holding the “reorganizable menu’s” until after Valentines day, since that would be just a small feature, having control over the LED’s or the games would be better.

I did some measurements again:
No LCD current draw: 4.81mA
With LCD current draw: 6.2mA
So this means I have about 4.81 mA that can be eliminated by putting the arduino to sleep.  I’ll be posting a tutorial on how to make this, on here and instructables (provided they don’t have too many ads), maybe hackaday as well.  Let me know through comments if anyone is interested in the schematics before hand.

I found a decent 4×20 LCD that runs at 3.3V, it is NHD-0420H1Z-FSW-GBW-3V3 and is $12, so I may be picking it up sometime soon for the controller project afterwords.  Progress!



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