OpenCurrent boards finally came in…

Yes, that is a deep rich purple colour, with gold contacts.  I checked the fit with the case, the switches, and the sockets, and the only thing that didn’t fit quite right were the banana plug sockets (too long).  I could always go and order shorter ones, but what I think I’ll do is I will install them with their lugnuts, then dremel the end of the socket off, so that it can fit in the case.

Not exactly pretty, but no one will see, and it will get the job done.  This should help with measuring the low currents that I hope to achieve.

I also got parts in for the VDay project, including 3 AA battery holders, which fit very nicely inside the ultimate case.  Now I should have all the necessary parts to build the VDay card, and I have thought of the perfect way to build it:  LCD, Buttons, and LED’s on the green board, a small board behind it which connects to the board.  It will connect via the LCD and a 20 pin header.  I’ll be putting the ATMEGA328, to 74HC595’s, and the 16 resistors required for the LED’s, on this sub board (which is one of those boards that fit in the Ultimate case).

That way, I can easily upgrade the firmware, and it is easy to assemble (which will be great for the photo’s and documentation necessary to do the instructable.

I got a variety of melodies to play on the Arduino, which I will be incorporating into the AdvMenu library.  It will use timer1 to hopefully let the melodies play in the background.  Will need to add a variable resistor/ switch so that she can turn off the piezo if she wants.  Hopefully I can do it with software, but time is running short. (Piezo also draws ~11mA when it is playing).


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