OpenCurrent Design from Dave Jones uCurrent at the

The OpenCurrent is a clone of Dave Jone’s uCurrent, which is the original.  I named mine the OpenCurrent, because it isn’t a uCurrent, and I was not attempting to make it seem so.  I made the OpenCurrent to get more familiar with Kicad, and because I wanted a uCurrent.  But since it isn’t a uCurrent, it probably won’t ever be tested to verify that it’s measurements are accurate.  I may have verified it against 2 multimeters, but this device is meant to replace the current measurement of multimeters.

It’s a purple PCB because Laen at the Dorkbox community offers a pretty affordable prototyping service, and it doesn’t hurt that they look so good.

i got Dave’s permission to make this, and I do regret that I made it look so much like his.  The truth is that I don’t have as much skill in prototyping, laying out, or building circuits as he does, which is why I closely followed his design.    And since his design was already working, at the time I thought it was best to reproduce it.  I’m a frequent viewer of Dave’s video blog and I think he makes really good things, and not only that, but he explains everything very well.  You can check out the actual design of the uCurrent in many of his videos.

I hope in the future that some of my designs and ideas are published on the front pages of places like, but for now, that time has not yet come.

Thank you,



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