Valentines Day Arduino Part 5 – Audio working!!!

Tonight I got the sound working… with interrupts!  It plays in the background mostly, and all of the songs are stored in Flash, which means I can have a lot of songs.  Currently I have 35.  I use the term songs loosely, if anything, they are ringtones.  In fact, they are RTTTL ringtones, so potentially, you could find a RTTTL ringtone you like, copy the string into your program, and have it available with ease.

This forum post helped me the most, and it included some sample songs.  I found more and I will be posting the sourcecode for it via pastebin in the next few days.  It won’t be the complete menu system, but that will be good, since it will show you how you can play these songs easily.

You can get a preview of the menu system in the video.  Notice at the bottom of a menu, the down arrow isn’t there, and the selection arrow goes down.  I think it’s pretty slick for a menu 🙂  Tomorrow I’ll be playing with 2 shift registers and 16 LED’s.  I want to make a easy function to let you customize the LED’s, direction they go round, flashing rate, etc.  So that she can customize it as she wants to.  Progress!


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