LScreamer and Timer1

Tried to switch to using Windows for development, and while things were going smoothly, my custom python script, LScreamer, wasn’t transferring the firmware files correctly.  I will have to get it working when I have more time, but since time is of the essence, i remain in Linux 🙂

While my rant yesterday about Arduino being a mysterious layer that does strange things may have been valid in some cases, in this case, it wasn’t.  I was attempting to use Timer1 B as a CTC interrupt, which the datasheet clearly says it only CTC’s on OCR1A, not OCR1B.  So now I’m rewriting the audio interupt code to interrupt every 1ms, only act when needed to.  So I can throw the LED code in there as well.  I’ll also be adding the ISR_NOBLOCK flag to the ISR for it, so that the timer can continue to interrupt as necessary.  My only concern is that it will try to interrupt itself.


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