VDay Part 8 – Progress!

You may not see it in the picture, but I’m delighted!  I got the buttons working, and when it is all together, everything seems to be working.  The only question remaining is will the LED’s work (LED’s shown are not connected to processor, I’m using that board for it’s xbee and reset circuit.

During part 7 I indicated that I should replace the 1K resistors with 10K… well that didn’t work out for two reasons.  The first is that the whole premise of changing them (one channels buttons could effect the other channels buttons through the channel to ground resistance) was bogus.  Channel 1’s resistance to ground won’t effect the other channels because it is ground.  If somehow the ground was floating, then maybe.  But grounds voltage will always be zero.

The second reason why that failed, was if I studied the circuit a little more before coming up with ‘the answer’, then I would have seen that the 1K resistor forms a voltage divider with each button, when it is pressed. So by raising it to 10K, it skews all of the resistance values towards 3.3V, which is what I measured, after I changed the 3 1K resistors to 10K (which I later had to change back).

I think it’s good to talk about successes and failures, since it is usually through failing at something that we really learn it.  Yesterday and todayI learned a few things: Have spare fuses for your soldering station, and if your solder sucker isn’t sucking, it’s probably clogged.

To wrap it up, for the VDay project, I just need to find a suitable case to mount it in/on, at which point I can mount the LED’s.  Oh and I also need to add a few functions, and polish the LED’s and add options for them.  Onward!



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