VDay Card 1.0 Done!!!

She has it and she loves it!  I didn’t have enough time to put the LED’s on there, but I should get some more time in the near future.  Menu system is complete and works,  as well as the hidden menu that, if given a password, can add new things to the main menu.  Pretty neat if I say so myself 🙂  The passwords are stored in EEPROM, as well as everything else that can change.

I did have a strange problem.  I originally had my menu starting at 50, but I ran into a problem where the second menu option would always be wrong.  I looked at the code and I couldn’t figure it out.  So i decided to change the starting point for the menu to be in 60, and the problem went away.  So it seems that EEPROM memory locations can become corrupted after a low number of writes.  I’ll have to keep that in mind.

So menu system is done, I can easily add new ‘cards’ to the menu, and I can add them, and have them hidden until a specific code is given.  I just need to be able to reorganize menu’s, and it will be perfect.  This would happen to be an excellent menu system for anything with an LCD.

As always, I’ll be open sourcing this, putting it on Sourceforge.  I need to clean it up, and I will need an actual system to test with..  but i gave my only one away 🙂  Luckily I’ll get access to it, so I’ll be able to optimize the library, and then post it!  Let me know if your interested in getting it sooner.  Next Project!!!

(I took a video of it working, but atlas, it was with the lowest setting.  I should get it back tomorrow to play with some more, and take a proper video 🙂


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