Documentation, and future projects

This is a board that I will be making for my father, it is a 12V lead acid battery checker, where it lights up different LED’s depending on the voltage, using the LM3914N driver.

I’m still documenting the code for the LCD valentine 2012 card, but what I need, is an accessible working system, which is why I’m going to protoboard another one 🙂 That way I can work on new things without the system there, and put them on when I have the Card.

Another project that I’m sizing up is to use this basic 2×16 5V LCD and make a little prototype out of it, using a PS2 controller.  I was looking at this guide and this one so it seems that it is pretty doable, but since it uses the SPI bus, it might cause problems when I integrate the nRF12L01+ wireless module.

I’m also looking at all of the spare processing boards that I have, and thinking of ways I can use them.  Since i have them, I feel obligated to use them since they did cost money.  I’ll keep the blog updated on when I start using other things.


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