USBasp… was a Failure!

So I built it, I tested it.  The usb worked fine, but it would never detect the to-be-flashed MCU.  I did a little thinking, and I think I will shelve this idea for now.  I couldn’t get it to work, the circuit is as described, I even tried 2 different circuits.

So I moved on… to upgrading my Bus Pirate with 40x faster firmware.  It makes the ISP much quicker to use.  I will eventually play around with Arduino ISP, but not yet.  Thats all I pretty much accomplished…  Oh I modified the programmers.txt and boards.txt files for arduino to add a 8MHZ board option for my ATMEGA328…

That reminds me, I discovered that I purchased 25 ATMEGA328’s, not ATMEGA328P’s.  It turns out that P means pico power, so my MCU’s will not be as energy efficient as the ATMEGA328P’s.  Be careful when buying components!   The price point makes it worth it to me though, since I’m aiming to make the cheapest diy arduino kits.



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