PS2 controller working!

It wasn’t too hard to setup either, I just followed Bill Porter’s guide, as well as this post, which explicitly stated which wires went where.  This seems like it would be a good simple connection to support on a controller, I just need to compare it to the wiimote / nunchuck.  A nunchuck only has 1 joystick and 2 buttons and an accelerometer, whereas this has 2 joysticks and 8 analog buttons with 8 digital (2 in joysticks).  The analog button itself may be a input button, I’m not sure.

My idea with the controller, is since it will be pretty small, I can either clip it to my belt or hang it from my neck, using the controller to control the RC thing, without needing to look at the LCD (I got 5 3.3V 4×20 LCD’s today as well).  With the nunchuck, I could use the accelerometer to adjust trim, whereas I’d use the actual thumbstick for steering.

Yesterday I spent some time to reorganize my desk and now I am much happier with it.  I added a shelf to the side to provide more storage and equipment placement (power supply + oscilloscope ).  I’ll have 1 or 2 laptops there, and a spare monitor to use it if needed.  Synergy will be used so only 1 mouse and keyboard needed for the most part (login seems problematic).  I think it is a good practice to maintain your tools, and a computer desk is a workbench, so if you can improve your work area, it can make you more productive and focused.  At least I think so 😛  Next thing to play with will be the RFM12B modules, or perhaps the 3.3V LCD’s.  Oh and I need to continue working on the VDay card and getting it ready for release 🙂


One thought on “PS2 controller working!

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