RFM12B 915MHz tested and works, as well as Dual Serial to TTL board

That grey thing underneath the DS-DFTDI board is the boards ‘case’.  I used hot glue to keep it in place, so that is complete and it works.

I did struggle a bit to get my program flashed onto both boards.  One board I could, and the other it would return with an incorrect response.  I tried moving it (the most basic ATMEGA328 circuit ever), I even moved it to another breadboard, same problem.  Then when I was considering moving the circuit to the working breadboard, I noticed it.  A 1uF capacitor between the power rails. Damn it!  I put it in and it worked perfectly.

So remember folks, always capacitize your power rails, you never know what it can save you from. 

So once I got the boards working, I plugged the RFM12B modules down, and loaded up the RF12serial sketch (which is a part of JeeLabs jeenode library).  I figured since I had serial, it would be a good thing to try.  It didn’t work, and it was because each modem has a specific address and configuration that needs to be saved into the eeprom before it can be used.

So I then loaded the RF12demo sketch, and followed the readme to get it configured.  And it worked.  Its pretty awesome that both of these RFM12B modules worked so simply.  I didn’t have to consult data sheets (well to get the pinout, but not for configuring it), I just loaded the sketch, and it worked.  Kudo’s goes to you Jean-Claude Wippler at JeeLabs!

When i loaded up the RF12serial sketch after configuring the modules, it still didn’t work.  But I have something that works, and that gives me a good starting point.  Progress!!!


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