DX orders on hold, current direction

Found out today that most of my two orders from DX have not been shipped yet.  Apparently they had a massive backlog, which they have to work through.  I’m sure it doesn’t help that they moved to a larger distribution center.  But I was doing some comparisons, and in almost every case, I could find cheaper things on ebay.  Since my Nunchuck won’t be shipped anytime soon from DealExtreme, I went ahead and bought a $3.60 Nunchuck from ebay.  It will take a few weeks to get here, but much quicker than DX (DX = DealExtreme).

Since I won’t be getting the i2c nunchuck anytime soon, it kind of forces my hand a little with regard to the design of the controller.  I believe the best choice now would be to have ports on the controller for both PS2 and Nunchuck’s to connect.  That way, I can continue to work on things while leaving room for future expandability.

The design of the controller is still kind of in the air, but I have it more ironed out now.  I’ll cut some plexiglass for the cover of a 1 Gang Electrical Box.  I’ll be able to fit the LCD inside it, and have room for 3 perfboards and a 3 AA battery pack.  I can comfortably fit a ATMEGA328, VReg, and wireless onto 1 board, so I would have 2 boards in which I can expand onto in this case.  The LCD will connect to one of them (with right angle connectors), but that board will be mostly empty, so plenty of space.

I originally considered having multiple wireless modules in the controller, but I might just stick to one for simplicity.  Given that I already have 8 XBee modules, I can see a good justification to use that module.  But I’m pretty interested in Frugal electronics now, which means driving down the costs of things.  Ultimately in this controller, I think I will put 1 xbee with 1 other wireless module (RFM12B, nRF24L01+, or RF2400M).

An SD card would be a good thing to include as well, but I will have to be careful since it is a SPI device (just like any of the other wireless modules, or the PS2 controller).  I’m working on learning how JeeLabs RF12 library works, and modifying Bill Porters PS2 library to be compatible with it (and get a nice sketch of sending PS2 controller packets to a remote ATMEGA328).  After that, getting the SD card to be happy on both PS2 controller side and receiver side (with the RFM12B).  I need to put some module in there, and the RFM12B is pretty handy since I have it here, and it works (When I get the nRF24L01+, I’ll be able to sit down and start on the wireless comparison project).

So there are many things to look forward to, and that’s just the controller 🙂


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