Backup’s are great, only if you have done them before you need them

I admit, I haven’t been the greatest at performing regular backups.  I do have my important documents and files backed up on one main computer right now, and I have bits and pieces of a second copy scattered among my other computers partitions.  The question “What if that one computer fails?” has been on my mind lately, especially since I have been making great robotics progress.

So this past weekend I sought to take care of that, which included a fresh installation of Windows, but I’m not done yet.  While reinstalling, I looked at all the preference changes I needed to make to Notepad++, Iron Chrome, and Firefox, and I thought, there must be a way to keep these configuration changes.  After looking, it seems the best idea is to install them as portable apps.

I’m also starting to dabble into batch scripts as well.  I made a batch script that, from notepad++, I’m able to open all of the typical development shells, including arduino, with one key press.  I also have Arduino and Python installed into one directory in my flash drive, so I hope to have a portable complete development environment, that will hopefully be pretty easy to back up, in more than 1 place 🙂

The next thing I’ll be working on, robotics wise, will be packetizing the SPI PS2 packets and sending them wirelessly with the RFM12B.


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