Shift Register + LCD is Shifting! (or LCDing)

I got a shift register library working(which I got from here), and it works with 3 pins. From 6 pins to 3 pins, that is quite the reduction. There is also a 2 wire option, which I have yet to successfully test (I need a 1N4148 diode).

The reason I’m starting to play with this shift LCD library, is that I’m going to start building a controller. What!?!? You haven’t finished (or started) the wireless testing?!?! Yes. I’m losing motivation to work on it, because it will require a lot of work in order to complete it. And lets say I do finish it with all three modules, I’ll have to choose the winner, and use that module for my projects. But with how modular my boards are, I’ll be able to quickly swap wireless modules if I determine one is better than another.

I may choose to continue it later, but right now, I’m going to take a break from it, and actually ‘DO’ things. Do things like making the controller, making a engine monitoring arduino for my cars, make a Arduino for my Slash RC car. I feel that these ‘doing’ things gives me more motivation than the ‘Wireless Testing’ experiment. Ultimately, the controller I’m making will have XBee, and it will have a bluetooth serial module, and it will have those, because I have too many of those modules to not use them. I’m leaning towards the nRF12L01+ module to be the chosen wireless module, since it is cheaper than the RFM12B, but I have yet to receive it in the mail, so after I test it, I’ll make my decision.

What keeps me excited to do robotics projects is my motivation, and I noticed today that my motivation has been lagging lately. This change has already given me a boost of motivation, so coming up, Controller 2.0! It will have a PS2 connector, and eventually a NunChuck connector. Xbee pro wireless and bluetooth serial. I’m going to go and work on it now, see ya!


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