Information: You don’t own it unless you take it

While looking for solutions to my robotics projects, many times I come across ‘dead’ websites, people who link to really great and informative websites, that are no longer there. I think that is the principle argument against owning your own domain, and hosting your own blog, because if you stop paying (willingly or unwillingly), all of your blog vanishes.

So if you find something that you really like, you should take it. That means using tools such as FlashGot for Firefox to download videos, saving the entire website using tools like QuadSucker, or archiving a particular post using PDFcreator. This is great for things such as a product page from a particular embedded thingy you bought. Because for many websites, once they stop selling that item, poof, it is gone.

This is a good strategy for programs you use too. DaemonTools once upon a time had a Lite version for free that didn’t show ads for MountSpace (and luckily I kept a older version that doesn’t), but their newest version does. Every time you have DT open, you see a nice big banner that advertises MountSpace… Nope, uninstall. Sure, it is their right to do that, and it is their right to stop offering a free version. But it is our right to backup things that we use, and things that are interesting to us, because if we don’t, experience has taught us that one day, it may be gone.

There once was a youtube channel, photoinduction, that had a great deal of videos of taking things apart and performing neat experiments.  He was once featured on HackADay for showing his whole house backup. You could have once watched the video, if he didn’t delete his youtube account. When I went to look at his video since I might be making my own UPS soon, it was gone. If you find a good tutorial on how to do something, take it. If you find a great video that you might want to look at again someday, take it. Because if you don’t, that information may disappear forever…


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