Parts ordered for Carduino, now I just need to order the code :)

I decided that the first thing I’ll connect to the Controller will be a Carduino. It will have a GPS, BT serial module, 4 temperature sensors, a light sensor, a SD card, and maybe a nunchuck. I’ll use a connector for the connections, so it will be simple to pull it out of the car and reprogram it if necessary.

But I got a new idea on how to handle new devices. Instead of having to update the controller everytime I make something new, what if, I didn’t need to? Imagine if the strings for the ‘somethings’ that will connect to the controller, come from the ‘somethings’… Then the controller can exchange a packet with the wireless device, where the device tells the controller what menus to show, and what to return if a particular menu is chosen. That way, I can add new things, without having to push the code limits of the controller.

I’ll need to figure out how to handle the cases where there is more than one wireless thing to connect to. Perhaps each wireless thing can give the controller its identification, and the controller can display the available id’s, and let the user select the desired ID.

Another idea I have is to make a PCB or two for the controller, and this is because I found a really cheap PCB fab house.

I have been looking at the best way to handle the noisy environment of a car, and I have decided to adopt several solutions. The first, is to protect my inputs, as shown with the Ruggedized Arduino here. The second, is to protect my voltage regulator from surges as explained here. With those two strategies, and a beefier 3.3v voltage regulator, it should be able to survive the hostile environment. The question remains, will the temperature readings be consistently distorted to the point where the reading is useless? That, is the question.


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