LCD controller functioning, halfway built

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So I have made some progress! I brainstormed on how my wireless system will work, and I have come up with something that works. I created a packet that contains a checksum, like this (without commas though, and replaced by bytes 0x0A and 0x0D): ,Dest,Sender,type,Num of bytes,,Checksum,. First I got this basic packet working, then, using that packet, I created different types (3 so far).

The end result, is that I can send the equivilant of lcd.setCursor(X,Y); lcd.print(“String here”);, in one single packet! And it looks like this: 0x0A,e,d,0x02,0x06,0x00,0x00,test,0xCA,0x0D. I can send Nunchuck packets too! (containing state of all things), which means that with this basic system, I can already start making a RC Arduino for my Slash RC car. I decided to start actually making the controller though, since it is pretty complete.

For the actual controller, I will have 2 protoboards, LCD, XBee, BT serial, Piezo, SD card, Nunchuck connector, PS2 connector, and buttons. (I also was successful in using the 74LS164N to drive the LCD only using 2 pins). With the added packet processing code, I’m sitting at 24448 bytes, so it is getting tighter.

Another project in the works, is making a portable programmer, that lets you flash different hex files out in the field, away from the computer. It would have a LCD with SD card so that you can choose which one you want to flash. The immediate usages for it is if I want to use the PS2 controller instead of the Nunchuck (since the PS2 code takes more space). Ultimately i will be able to flash anything, just by connecting a cable from my flasher to it. Pretty awesome in my books, and currently, there isn’t anything like it. I should be able to test the concept with the controller I’m making, having already made the modifications to the FTDI port. Stay tuned for updates!


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