Progress update on Carduino

So these past few days I have been working on the Carduino. Adding the GPS, parsing the output, saving it and displaying it. But adding that library, which works, increases the usage of the flash. Since I only have 2kB of flash on this MCU, it resulted in using more memory than I have, never a good thing.

So to wrap up this project, and move onto others, I’ll be settling on not having GPS data saved. The main things, temperature monitoring and displaying / alerting, is complete. I even save it to an SD card, which is a nice feature. As I’ve heard before, the first iteration of a device shouldn’t be perfect, nor strive for perfection, since doing so will make the project drag on and on (which has sort of been happening with this carduino project).

So I’ll be making the circuits in the next few days (1 board with BCD, LED’s, and 2 shift regs, 2nd board having processor + BT serial, and SD card), housed in a cheap $0.24 case mounted in my glovebox. The BCD board will be mounted near the speedometer with dimly lit LED’s so that I’m not blinded at night. Ethernet cable will connect the BCD board to the main board, another cable will connect the temperature sensors to the main board (with a diode + resistor protection).

Sometimes you’ve got to abandon a idea or feature in order to get a project built,and many times this is good, since you can always make improvements in the second version.


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