Carduino completed, now I need to test it (as well as wire up ethernet cable for display)

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If you notice I rearranged things a little bit, and I added a temperature sensor to the display (to record car temp, why not?). Wiring everything up with wire-wrap wire is so much easier than before. Tomorrow I’ll need to do some testing (detecting shorts, seeing if the voltage regulator is working), and once everything is cleared, I’ll put a processor in it and flash it with the latest firmware 🙂

Presumably later this week I’ll be putting it into one of my car’s. I plan to use a 2 part epoxy to attach the temperature sensors to the engine, transmission, and radiator. Considering JB-Weld, but I’ll need to check its upper temperature.

Looking forward to getting this project out the door, so I can start on the next one (Automated Gardening – Sati).


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