Suppliers and Interesting links

Since I can’t seem to make this be a separate page where I can post things, I will have to organize by tags instead.

I will be listing the suppliers, and links, that i have found useful, related to this blog 😛

Ebay Sellers:

Part Suppliers:
SandSquid: <-Upload a BOM, price compare multiple vendors!
Sparkfun:   <- Great tutorials, prices can be overpriced
Pololu:   <- Pricy
Digikey:  <- Pretty decent prices, learning how to search will save you $$$
Ebay:     <- Really cheap parts, just search for the part (example: 2×16 char LCD white text on blue background: $4 with free shipping)
Slickdeals:     <- Users post deals on cheap electroncs and things
JeeLabs:    <- Really awesome blog, he open sources Everything!

PCB Houses:
PCBShopper: <- Compare all batch houses to get the optimal price and quality.
DorkbotPDX:   <- $5 per sq in, no setup fee, free shipping, Purple PCB’s, US based.
BatchPCB: <-$2.50 per sq in, $10 setup fee, cheap shipping, China based.

Refarm The City:

Learning how to search for components, and their names, can save you loads of money.  Cross check prices, and try to bundle to reduce shipping.  Electronics can be expensive, but it doesn’t have to be.


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