Dual Serial to TTL/FTDI Board

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Yesterday I solved my ATmega328 woes, turns out one of the MCU’s had a bad flash, since reflashing it made it work as expected. But with 2 wireless to serial boards, it would mean that I needed another serial to ttl board.  I decided to go ahead and solder my original one up, and add an LED to it.

Since the MAX3232 has 2 Serial to TTL transceivers, I decided to go ahead and set it up to use both.  Most of the time when I’m using serial, I’ll be at my desk, which is where my projects would be too.   I can forsee times in which I have 2 serial things connected to my computer at once, so I went ahead and made it.

I setup the output connectors so its FTDI compatible.  So I can plug in a RBBB or a JeeNode (unlikely that I’ll ever get one, they are expensive).  I think I’ll make the FTDI connector a standard connector that I’ll use on my projects.  The power pins for this do not supply power, so the guest MCU will have to supply power, which is great if you don’t want to send 5V to a 3.3V system, or 3.3V to a 5V system.  I even have a jumper setup so I can choose which powers the MAX3232, which controls the voltage levels of the communication.

Most of my guest MCU’s would already have a voltage regulator and battery source, so I don’t see this as a problem, but I could always add a 3.3V or 5V voltage regulator if needed.

I consider this as a mini project, and by thinking it up, drawing it out, and finishing it, it gives me more motivation to continue, since I just made something!