Motion Plus working with Arduino 1.0

So I have been looking around for someone who has Motion Plus working with Arduino 1.0, but I came up empty handed. So I took two existing sketches, one with just the motion plus, and another with MotionPlus + Nunchuck, and I updated them to work with Arduino 1.0!

Here is the simple one.

And here is the more complex (MotionPlus + Nunchuck).

I hope everyone finds this useful, at some point I will be adding a MotionPlus to one of my projects 🙂


Finally got XBee, BT Serial, and menu system working… oh and Nunchucks too!

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Last night I discovered that the software serial library can’t really keep up with what I was trying to do (configuring one module, then configuring the other). I’m sure it was something wrong with my code, but eh. Another thing I discovered was how the Arduino uses 1k resistors to buffer the FTDI connector from anything that may be connected via the serial pins. Using 1k resistors on non-dominant pins, can let you manually choose a dominant port, such as the FTDI. Why would you need to do this? Well if you have the XBee on the Hardware serial, as well as your FTDI connector, you may have some problems downloading (I did).

So I moved the XBee to Hardware serial, with 1k resistors for both TX and RX, which means that I need to disconnect the FTDI connector if I want to use the XBee, which is pretty reasonable (much better than disconnecting the xbee). Once I got that working, I had a menu system that fully let me issue configuration commands, from within it. I do need to do some tweaking on it, but it is good enough to start working on other things. Things like a NunChuck.

I spent quite a few hours tonight bashing my head trying to get this to work. I referenced this diagram, which appears correct. I didn’t realize that it was backwards until I noticed this very helpful post. The diagram shown originally, was for the socket that the NunChuck plugs into, which isn’t what I was connecting to. So once I got that working, I was able to run this sketch, which shows the address of all i2c things on the bus. It was able to detect my MotionPlus and NunChuck knockoffs with ease 🙂 I’d like to also mention that I’m using 2.2K pullups on the CLK and DATA lines for the i2c bus.

So now that I have the NunChuck working, I’m going to make a little menu for it perhaps, or play with it even more, to understand how it works better. I should be receiving parts in the next few days, so the actual controller may be built.  I do realize that this will be a first version of it, but I intend to make it awesome!


Nunchuck Library, from here.

i2C scanner code

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