Side Project: OpenCurrent

Work on the autonomous boat / submarine was kind of stagnating, so I decided I wanted to work on a side project, the OpenCurrent.  This is based heavily on the uCurrent (well, it’s a clone for now :P).  I checked with Dave (the creator of it) and just required acknowledgements (CC SA license).

The OpenCurrent, unlike the uCurrent, is a completely open design.  Designed in kicad, with all design files, documentation, and purchase links supplied here, it can be forked and improved.  The library of components can be found here.  I push changes to the board in Mercurial DVCS, so that previous revisions can be forked too.  This project was designed to be shared, so each step of the process is committed and pushed to the sourceforge repository. Here is what the board looks like.

The design was briefly reviewed here, and is currently at revision AB.  Three boards have been ordered, and I will be ordering the parts for it soon.

Update: Ordered the PCB’s, and when they arrived…. they lacked holes.  That is because I forgot to send in the drill file.  Shame on me.  Well, ordering 3 more with an updated layout that avoids the edges more, this little board will be useful when I explore low power, providing that it is accurate 😛