Sleeping Carduino

Thanks to the great examples here, I now have the Carduino set to monitor the battery voltage (A0) and if it detects that the battery voltage is below a certain level, it sleeps. Once I get the BSS123’s, I’ll be able to control the power going to the BT serial as well as everything else (power off everything, then sleep, wake up, power on everything). Pretty awesome!

I updated the RTTTL example to correct two bugs I found, with the end result that it works better, without messing up on the first note. The updated example is on the same pastebin link as the original.

I also got news that my 3 wireless nunchucks have shipped, so I can expect to be getting them at the end of the month. That’s all for tonight 🙂

Future projects:
Garden monitor + watering (using windshield washer pumps)
Slash Arduino (if I get the FPV camera stuff) Pan/tilt servos, Gyro
PCB-ize the Controller (with options for different wireless modules) will have Nunchuck and maybe PS2 connector
Make OpenCurrent Version 2, with MCU + voltage monitoring, made to be in-line like many power monitoring solutions currently available