USBasp debugging

So I’ve been working on getting this USBasp working, and so far it has been pretty good.  I got the firmware flashed to the ATMEGA48p, and when I plug it into the computer, it recognizes it via USB!  But I haven’t been able to get it to flash a MCU yet.

Good news is that when I was first playing with it, I noticed that my mouse and keyboard (connected to the same USB hub) started to act funny.  Eh, I can live with that.  Same thing happened in Windows (I flashed it in Linux).  Eventually, the smell of components heating up struck my nose, and I quickly unplugged it.  It turns out, I connected Pin 7 and 8 of the MCU-to-be-flashed, to power.  So that MCU got really hot.  I was amazed that it still is detected using my Bus Pirate, I was sure that it was toast!

I considered playing with the PS2 controller, but this had my attention, so I kind of had to go with the flow.

I have several ideas why it may not be working:
-the ATMEGA48 that I have is the 10PU version, only rated up to 10MHz.  But since it is detected via USB, I’m not sure this is a problem.
– Perhaps I need to disconnect the to-be-flashed chip when I plug in the USBasp?

I’ll try to update tonight about my progress. 🙂